Experience Nikon Lenswear

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Nikon’s expertise in photographic technology has made them a leader in creating high-quality camera lenses for close to 100 years.  Now that expertise has been applied to ophthalmic lenses.

Nikon has developed the most advanced lens materials and coatings in the market today.  We are pleased to offer our patients lenses that are clearer and more durable than ever before.

Aspheric Lens Technology

Nikon’s line-up of lenses include single vision and digital progressive lenses featuring aspheric optics which provide unparalleled vision.  These lenses reduce distortion, offer consistent power across the lens, and provide ultra-flat lens curvatures which are more cosmetically appealing.

Nikon Single Vision Lens options include:

Digital Progressive Lenses

Don’t be fooled by the hype around some digital progressives.  ‘Digital’ simply means the lens is created by a computer instead of a lathe.  Not all digital progressives are created equal.  In fact, some digital progressives are actually based on 20 year old technology.  Nikon has custom-designed each of their digital progressives to maximize vision and reduce distortion.

Nikon Digital Progressive Lens options include:

Lens Coatings

What sets one lens apart from the next is the quality of the coating applied to the surface of the lens.  Poor quality lens coatings scratch easily, are difficult to clean, and cause blurry vision.  Nikon’s anti-scratch and anti-reflective lens treatments set the industry standard for durability and transparency.

Nikon See Coat: The Ultimate in Lens Protection